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Baehman, Jessica
University Services Assoc 1 - LTE
Other Faculty-Staff(920) 832-0125
Beaver, John
CSEPA(920) 832-2667
Benson, Heather
Senior Lecturer
English(920) 832-0106
Bettendorf, Robert
Lecturer; Platteville Engineering Program
CSEPA, Other Faculty-Staff(920) 832-2683
Breyer, Chelsea
Solution Center Advisor
Student Affairs(920) 832-2685
Brunette, Tammy
Senior Student Affairs Coordinator
Student Affairs(920) 832-2633
Carriveau, Ane
Senior Academic Librarian
Library(920) 832-2675
Connell, Jacquelynn
Student Events Coordinator
Student Affairs(920) 832-2661
Dalke, Tammie
LTE Cook 1
Child Care Center(920) 832-2606
De Smidt, Peter
Philosophy(920) 832-0106
DeMuynck, Erin
Assistant Professor
Geography(920) 832-2600
Douglas, Jamie
Associate Professor
CSEPA(920) 832-2662
Efthimiou, Nikos
Men's Soccer Coach
Athletics(920) 832-2806
Emmert, Scott
English(920) 832-2640
Filipiak, Jeff
Senior Lecturer
History(920) 832-2627
Frantz, Thomas
Interim Executive Director
太阳城网址-Fox Cities Foundation(920) 832-2849
Frederickson, Joseph
Director, Weis Museum
Weis Earth Science Museum(920) 832-2925
Garrow, Jane
Solution Center Advisor
Student Affairs(920) 832-2811
Geary, Caroline
Professor, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department Chair
Chemistry(920) 832-2851
Geenen, Tony
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Gillard, Bill
Associate Professor
English(920) 832-2669
Halverson, Jill
Associate Professor
Business-Economics(920) 832-2694
Hartman, Adam
Senior Lecturer
Physics and
Hodge, Jenean
Campus Administrative Specialist
Administrative Services(920) 832-2641
Heil, Ryan
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Hussein, Nariman
Biological Sciences(920) 931-3427
Jahns, Valerie
Senior Lecturer
English(920) 832-2608
Johnson, Beth
Associate Professor
Geography-Geology(920) 832-2659
Johnson, Kelly
Academic Librarian
Library(920) 832-5337
Kerr, Nicholas
Facilities Technician II
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Kissling, Kris
Device Support Account Manager
Information Technology(920) 832-2719
Kreider, Evan
Philosophy(920) 832-2668
Kroening, Dubear
Biological Sciences(920) 832-0117
Kukurich, Jeri
Interim Executive Director of Student Affairs for Access Campuses
Student Affairs(920) 832-2670
Ladwig, Tammy
Associate Professor
Psychology-Education(920) 832-0108
Landsverk, Gregory
Lead Custodian
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Lavrentiev, Alexander
Associate Professor
Mathematics(920) 832-2819
Lawrence, Suzanne
Director of Continuing Education for UW Oshkosh
Continuing Education(920) 929-1153
Lewis, Rose Marie
Lab Prep Tech Sr
Geography-Geology, Biological Sciences(920) 832-2654
Linskens, Diane
Senior Lecturer
CSEPA(920) 832-2656
Lovell, Paula
Senior Lecturer
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 832-2649
Marty, Christina
Writing Center Instr Program Mgr; Senior Lecturer
English(920) 832-2867
Massey, Pam
Professor; Associate Professor
HESA(920) 832-2643
McLanahan, Ranen
ME Assistant Professor-Platteville
Other Faculty-Staff(920) 832-2631
Perkins, Terri
Events Coordinator
Facility Rental & Mgmt(920) 832-2889
Peter, Greg
Associate Professor
Anthropology-Sociology(920) 832-2655
Phillippi-Immel, Kathy
Associate Professor
Psychology-Education(920) 832-2663
Pietrzak, Michelle
Assistant Professor
HESA(920) 832-2603
Prideaux, Amy
Infant Teacher
Child Care Center(920) 832-2606
Rabideau, Janice
LTE University Services Assoc 2
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 832-2646
Rabideau, Susan
Professor/Theatre Director
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 832-2857
Rolain-Jacobs, Stephanie
Communication(920) 424-4427
Roy, Joan
Child Care Center(920) 832-2606
Rudd, Martin
Assistant Chancellor for Access Campuses
Assistant Chancellor's Office(920) 929-1106
Rukamp, Brian
Senior Lecturer
Chemistry(920) 832-2652
Sackman, Marc
Music(920) 832-2625
Schatz, Kimberly
Chemistry(920) 832-2855
Schmitz, Andrew
Stage Hand - LTE
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 832-2857
Schwartz, Tracy
Facilities Manager
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Sheehan, Steven
Associate Professor
History(920) 832-2642
Snyder, Loren
Senior Lecturer
English(920) 832-2650
Stark-Rausch, Ann
Preschool Teacher
Child Care Center(920) 832-2606
Tanner, Trevor
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Techlow, Hattie
Platteville Admin Asst
Other Faculty-Staff(920) 832-2854
Tirel, Bertrand
Senior Lecturer
Mathematics(920) 832-2637
Tirel, Carrie
Associate Professor
Mathematics(920) 832-2638
Tourville, Rob
Stage Hand-LTE
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 832-2857
Tower, Frank
Stage Hand - LTE
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 832-2657
Tungate, Lynn
University Services Associate 2
Continuing Education(920) 832-2636
VanStippen, Gerald
Maintenance Mechanic
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Vaz, Warren
Assistant Professor
CSEPA(920) 832-0103
Warden, Aaron
Facilities(920) 832-2605
Wartgow, Michael
Art(920) 832-2602
Weglarz, Teresa
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences(920) 832-0136
Westbrook, Ty
University Svc Program Associate
Barlow Planetarium(920) 832-2848
Williamson, Angela
Senior Lecturer
American Indian Studies, English(920) 832-2664
Wilson, Ellen
Senior Lecturer
Psychology-Education(920) 832-1796
Winker, Ashley
Associate Lecturer
Biological Sciences(920) 832-2653
Wirkus, Michael
Senior Lecturer
Yang, Fang
EE Assistant Professor-Platteville
Other Faculty-Staff(920) 832-2600
Zaidan, Younis
Associate Professor
Mathematics(920) 832-2689
Zampaloni, Michael
ME Associate Professor-Platteville
Other Faculty-Staff(920) 832-0104

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Fox Cities Campus
1478 Midway Road
Menasha, WI 54952
(920) 832-2600